Imploding Kittens is a expansion for the original game, this expansion includes six new cards including a game changing Imploding Kitten and a Cone of Shame

Cone Of Shame 9322
  • Imploding Kitten: the first time this card is drawn, it is placed back into the deck face up. The next time it is drawn, the player that draws it loses. This card cannot be Defused.
  • Feral Cat: can be used as any variety of Cat Card (cards without instructions).
  • Targeted Attack: the player ends their turn(s) without drawing a card and any opponent of the player's choice takes two turns.
  • Alter the Future: the player views and rearranges the top three cards of the deck.
  • Draw From Bottom: the player draws a card from the bottom of the deck instead of the top.
  • Reverse: the player ends their turn without drawing a card and reverses the order of play.