Attack cards: End the player's turn and force the next player to take two turns

Nope cards: Cancel the player's action, you can also nope for someone else or do a nope on a nope to make it a yup.

Defuse cards : Defuse Exploding Kittens with things like, laser pointers, kitten therapy and catnip sandwiches.

Cat cards: These cards are different from kittens, they activate special powers when played has multiples two cat cars of the same type = one random card from the hand of a player, three cat cards of the same type = player of your choice has to give you the card of choice, example: You play three taco cat cards, you turn to a other player and say "Give me a defuse card!". Note that if the player you want the card from doesn't have it, you're screwed.

Skip cards: Similar to Attack cards, but you just skip your turn

See the Future: Player looks at top three cards in secret

Shuffle: The player shuffles the deck

Favor: Similar to Cat cards, but the target has to give you one random card

Exploding Kittens: The player explodes and loses